Thursday, May 20, 2010


what does the word 'NATURE' mean to you? what visions does it conjure up within your mind? Well, ... this is where I am ... I have learned the pace of nature, her secret in patience!! Knowing one day my roses, tomatoes, shrubs and trees will bloom and grow, with petals and leaves falling on the sun-drenched ground. What are some of your thoughts? xoxo, m Oh and BTW, never EVER I mean NEVER EVER leave home without your cellphone!! Lesson learned by personal experience. So sorry my beloved darlin' D!!
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Lisa said...

Beautiful capture of that rose! When I think of nature, I think of the grand landscape of trees, hills, grass & the livestock on the side of the rode. I never get sick of seeing animals on the side of the road! Big loaded question there! There is something very exciting & pleasurable about your garden, harvests, etc. Especially when it pans out the way you had hoped!

Tom said...

BEEEE-UUUU-TIFUL....I am WAT jealous....our trees are barely leafing out...:o(

Jann said...

LOL that came up as Tom....whats with that...:o)