Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wm. D. Ray ~ aka my dad


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! my dad is ... a son, father, grandfather (aka Papa), husband, father-in-law, Bible teacher, student of Christ, a friend, a maker of great belgium waffles, a coupon clipper!, a lover of really hot foods (mexican and thai!), a stamp and coin collector, a slide taker (remember slides?!), a veteran of the USAF, a mutli-foreign language speaker, a traveler, a TEXAN, fudge eater, asthma fighter (this disease in uncureable!), a tenor, a volunteer for meals-on-wheels, analytical thinker, strong swimmer, smart, self-motivator, unique, a GREAT story teller and reader of books, enjoys music (I got my love of all types from him), used to be a tennis player, he can read a Tom Clancy book faster than anyone I know, is mesmerized by jets!, loves a parade, enjoys the opera, care-taker, .... this is a very long list and I could go on and on ..... MOST IMPORTANTLY ~ he is my dad. I love you tons, happy birthday!!!! xoxo, your daughter, m
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natalie said...

Ah, this is SO WONDERFUL Michelle! I love it all! I love the photo, I love the list...he sounds like a GREAT man/dad. It is amazing how well you can get a feel for a person by a list like that! Happy Birthday to your dad!!! :)