Wednesday, March 31, 2010

S T A P L E S ...


First, let me state ... I DO NOT own stock in Staples, nor do I work for them! Now, look at all these goodies! Yes, I do enjoy good school supplies, inks for my computer, pencils/pens and the sorts!! And, DO NOT EVER think that rebates, coupons, store surveys are a waste O' your time ~~~~ BECAUSE .... how much do you think I paid for all this?!! Go on .. guess ~~ gueeeessssss. The answer = 1 cent. Really, with my rebates, store money, recycling ink cartridges etc. I paid one cent. I got so excited I told Doug I had to photograph all this stuff so I could blog it!! also, one case of water too! Then, the cashier handed me the receipt and was chuckling.... because I was given a $4.64 store coupon. Tooo tooooooo funny!! So, don't overlook your store coupons, and funny money as I call it. However, be very ORGANZIED about the expiration dates. I happen to look at mine and it expired today .. so, we went shopping yesterday!! and ta-da our goodies!!!! have a great day, m
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