Wednesday, March 24, 2010

it's a small small world ........

See these 3 darling young ladies? Well ....... the story goes like this ~ darlin' D and I were walkin' the beach (my favO'rite to do!!) and these 3 were too and one said to me "I take your picture. Tell me how." So, I obliged. I asked her how to say thank you in her language? She said "Cop cum" .. immediately I knew where she was from b/c my brother was born in that country .... so, I quickly folded my hands and bowed towards her and her friends and said "Sawadee ca!" Which is hello in Thai. Oh, how cool is God .. that he would allow me to learn Thai to communicate 40 years later!! It so totally jolted my heart and these 3 had the biggest cheshire cat smiles!!! 2nd photo is Kamaole Sands beach 3 and the last photos is darlin' D and me!!!!
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natalie said...

Love that!
There is a Thai restaurant in Meridian called Sawadee and I never thought about it what it meant!!! (Excellent Thai food, BTW).

Jann said...

Love the smiles you two......:o)