Friday, March 12, 2010

FRIDAY 3 ~ teacups, teapots and candlesticks

teacups ... you have to love them! I had a bunch of them. However, when I moved from St. Louis God laid it upon my heart to give away my teacups and any friend that wanted one ~ got one! I do have more and sometimes I just can't pass by a teacup without buying it. It speaks to me. The last photo is my St. Patty's teacup ~ it's a favO'rite O' mine!! and teapots ... I do have enough to do a 6 (maybe 7) pot tea. And candlesticks ... when I travel with the 'girls' I buy a set ... then I give one to one of the 'girls' and I keep one. So, I don't have matching candlesticks. I love it that way!! have a great weekend, xoxox, m
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