Monday, December 7, 2009

tile delay .... gone on way too long!

I get the concept!! and I am so ready to move into 'our' house. Building a home is a huge project, something I thought we'd never ever do ... and we are doing it. I am so hoping the tile gets delivered very very very soon!!! and so I continue to wait. The weather here (central CA valley) is supposed to change ... uuUggGhhhhH and that may delay ~ but it can't ... everything will be delivered from IDAHO January 8th ... and and and ... KWIM?

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natalie said...

Yes, I know exactly what you mean! Building a home and listening to the delays can be so frustrating! We were supposed to be in our home (in Idaho) by Halloween (04) and we didn't get the keys until December 1st. UGH. We spent an entirely too long in a hotel room off Eagle!!! Dreadful.

Praying and fingers crossed that everything goes as planned and you can close and move more month!!! :)