Tuesday, December 8, 2009

HooooooRay ... TODAY!!

worker bees ...... yea!! TODAY .... stone being added and the grout!!!! Who would've thunk ... I'd get excited over grout????? I am easily amused!!
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natalie said...

Oh, it is looking all so wonderful!!! I'd be excited about grout too!!! I can hardly wait to see it all complete...it looks gorgeous already!

Thank you for the phone call today...I'm not sure why I didn't hear the phone ring...LOL! But I listened to your message this afternoon and saved it because it made my day!!!! :) I will listen to it over and over again when I'm having bad days, so thank YOU!

Jann said...

Hey Cal-ee-forn-ee-a (insert arnold's accent here)...LOL that house looks fabu-lo-sous my dear! And I am so glad that you picked a colored grout!!! Way to go. Tom would be so impressed...LOL Lets see...weather change? Oh yeah..the wind chill factor here in Duttonville...is 23 BELOW this morning....yowsa! Talk about cold! All the "Dutton-villers" are having major driving issues...so me and Mr. B. are snuggled up to the fireplace. It is soooo cold here...:o(
Glad the house is coming along....hey haven't to much more time...(keeping fingers crossed) Hope your in soon.
Huggers for your mugger! Hey Nat! Come on over and have a latte' !!!