Tuesday, December 29, 2009

planning for a new decade .... 2010

something about a new year excites me .... and yes, being in a new locale makes it even more exciting! but getting a new dayPlanner ... yes, I use the old-fashion paper ones!! I love paper b/c I can add photos, comments, embellishments, glitter etc. a place to keep my todo's, reminders etc. and then to transfer last years's info into my new one excites me also. Got your dayPlanner?? I know that most of you are techno and I respect that ... but the pens, pencils, colored ink, papers, paperclips, quotes & sayings ~~~~ oh, ..... to have a new planner! xoxox, m

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natalie said...

I also like the paper kind too! That is what I use. The only time I make notes in my blackberry is if I'm in a hurry and don't have a piece of paper and I need to write a note super fast!!! lol. Happy new year!!!