Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Remember December ..... happy December

This is the truth of the matter & of my circumstances. ALL, EVERYTHING we have 'is in storage' .... so, what is a decorating diva to do in December without ANY decorations? Buy more ~ NEVER! Live vicariously thru her GIRLFRIENDS ~ yes! and
R E M E M B E R December!! I've purchased a cheap (dollar store) journal and decorated the cover ... and EVERY DAY December 1 -25 I will reflect on Christmas's PAST & FUTURE .. and those tiny glory-story moments throughout this wonderful time of the year!!! so, to all of U ~ what are some of your memories?????? I'd love to hear them, here or a telephone call or an email. TODAY begin REMEMBER DECEMBER 2009
xoxox, m

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Jann said...

Memories....of my daughter's beautiful smile and her hoping that Santa did not forget her little PupStar in his Christmas givings. Remembering that my parents fought like enemies when my brother and I were young and ruined our morning screaming at each other....and knowing that I would NEVER EVER let a Christmas morning go by that was not shared with laughter and giggles of my daughter. Broken chains of my Christmas'....that my daughter will never experience because of my love for her. Gathered are all memories of times with the love of my life....my little blonde child...:o) I am ever so thankful that my child nor I have never experienced that kind of hatred on such a glorious day as the 25th. I am blessed to have broken those wicked and hateful traditions of my parents...:o) and PROUD of doing so...:o)