Friday, July 10, 2009

RECYCLING ~~~ God's story!!

Stay with me here ... because even this God story will float your boat and encourage YOU! being in a new city is exciting, frustrating and life DOES GO ON. I called one of my prayer warriors because I knew I was traveling in parts of this town (shall we say) that are NOT the safest! (trust me, I'm observant, safe ... and praying!) It's far faster to travel through this neighborhood than drive the looooooong way. So, I ask the Lord to help me get to where I need to be etc. and to bless those around me. Well, the other evening ago I was watching the news (I don't do this often .. because the weatherman will tell me it's going to be HOT & Hazy! and the other stuff can get ya down ... KWIM???) The MOST SADDEST STORY ... Emilio M. was beaten to death and found on the road by a good samaritan woman ... he was a great student, helped in the community, was a mentor to younger students. This broke my heart! But what can one woman do? Let alone, I don't know this family. But I know the grief they must be going through, as well as the Visalia Community in which he lived and worked. He was just given the highest award high school students can get for his volunteer service. Stay with me ... here's God's story! So, my errands today (Friday) are to find the Recycling Center (and drop off my cans, glass & plastics) and to find Walmart!! Well, they happen to be within the same area! Go figure! I drop off my recycling ... the darling hard-working man posing in the photo name is Gregano and his buddy that gave me great directions name is Tavo! I wished them happy Friday and told them I'd see them in a month. I plan to do this errand MONTHLY! Got my cash ... headed to WallyWorld. And on the corner, were students raising money for Emilio ... who knew they'd be there? Not I!! So, I rolled down my window and gave her all my cash to help support Emilio's funeral and family. Psalm 92:4 " For you make me glad by your deeds, O Lord: I sing for joy at the works of your hands." Sing I tell you to the top of your and mine lungs!!!! I gave her $20. and said God bless. I think she was startled a bit. But isn't it just like Jesus to startle all of us?!!! and I made it to Walmart just fine!! Making the God connection = handing over my fears (whatever they may be) to God, asking for His ways and blessings ...not knowing His timing ... and being able to see and know God has plans for all of us D A I L Y. Even in the most simplest ways. Enjoy your weekend and let God guide your dailyness! have a great weekend. See Jesus even in your errands!!
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natalie said...

What a great story and message! I loved it. I'm thinking about you out there on the west coast and praying for you too Michelle. I appreciate all your insight on this relocating business! :)