Saturday, July 18, 2009

FRUITs ... how many & what????

FYI .... truly it is harvest season ~~> fruit that is!! look at Arnie's peaches ALL HARVESTED from one tree! and sooooooo very deliciously. Miss Mary and her hubby, Arnie, invited us over for supper. What a treat! and when you don't know ANYONE, it's truly wonderful to be included. Carissa (sp?) is their youngest ... and just beautiful! she will be a freshman and school starts Aug 17 ... exactly one month away. back to the topic: FRUIT!! how many do you eat EACH DAY???? & what fruit is your favO'rite? I personally love love love peaches, nectarines, cherries and WATERMELON!!! BTW, I normally DO NOT blog on Saturday's but this happened last night and I wanted to post it posthaste!! and ... Arnie gave Doug some excellent suggestions for 'fieldtrips'. Those of YOU that know me, know I always have a filefolder full of ideas/suggestions of roadtrips and fieldtrips! the journey continues!! have a great day, m
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