Tuesday, May 23, 2017

2017 … I know, it's the end O' May!!

Well ….
blogging didn't exactly happen in 2017 as I intended. So … here I am! Last week of school, and it's craZy accelerated busy and so so so so so much fun!!
Summer is "planned," but we always have time for YOU … wanna go for coffee or let's go swimming!!

My heart is here … really here! And I've thought, prayed, thought some more … and truly hope I can do this more regularly. WHAT do you want to hear & see? WHO do you want to visit, or talk with (because sometimes, coffee chat with a friend is cheaper than a therapist!)?? WHERE do you want to go ~ shopping (not me!),  an exciting adventure (we need one! by the end O' July), the library (oh, yes please!!)?  and HOW … how are we going to do this thing called DAILYNESS ~ it's life, real life … God intended YOU to seek Him, search for Him & enjoy Him TODAY, do the next best/right thing, enjoy it, smile and __________.      Fill in the blank in the comments.
Truly, my heart is living in a 5 year old …. details to follow

All because of Christ,

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