Friday, May 3, 2013

Alligator, alligator ...

What has the potential to scare the wits out of me, can and indeed can also bless me. Let me explain, living in SW FL I know that alligators live here. I have wanted to see one not in captivity, but not so close and personal. Well .... We took a short walk in my neighborhood after a severe rain storm and just looked into the pond. Thought it strange there weren't any fish ~ fish love to come out after a storm (best fishing times!). So ... I thought let's look on the other side of the bridge. Oh fishy fish where are you? NONE! but out of the corner of my eye I saw a wiggle, then a gator head popped up and look at me. I told him to stay put.  We (darlin' daughter & me) quickly made our exit.  After thinking about it, I regretted not having my camera and/or phone ... but I captured it in my heart and thanked God for the viewing and our safety.

So, my Q for all of U: What scares you that could bless you?   A thunderstorm with symphonic sounds? A relationship that is so undefinable, yet it's from the Lord?  A child that can't speak, yet communicates by hugging you daily .... what blesses you?

Hoping you all grow in grace, and cling to the knowledge we gain/attain in the Lord. Blessed I am!!

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