Saturday, January 14, 2012

Well, I'm in a funk ... and a bit bewildered. Angry ~ a tad! Sad ~ a LOT! and TIRED ~ I did something so out of character for me yesterday and it made my mind race all night as I heard things in the dark ALL NIGHT LONG. A few of my middle names are: sale, frugal, safety, organized ... but yesterday I threw safety out the window with the babies bath water and Uuugh! Deseparately, wanting to sell my home, ME ~ Mrs. be safe ALWAYS, let strangers into my home to tour without the assistance of a realtor. Don't beat me up ... I'm bruised enough from my own words!!
So ... re-focus ~ 2012 ...
First let's start off with OLW. One Little Word is the inpirational idea that Ali Edwards started. I love the challenge of finding a word to live by for a year. I thought I had my word but it just didn't feel like the right one. The more I pondered, thought, prayed ... it came to me = EXPLORE! I think that is the next step to take. Wellness was last year ... and what a craaaaaZy year 2011 was. So this year I am ready to EXPLORE! EXPLORE whatever comes my way. EXPLORE the journey this year will take me on. EXPLORE my new surroundings (if & when this house sells)! EXPLORE these emotions that trip me up ever so often ... yep it feels right!
Second, I have to confess. Pinterst in a full addiction. I find myself searching through pinterst any time I have a chance. Have you joined Pinterest yet? It is amazingly fun, full of inspiration...but fair warning highly addictive!
And Last, I have a project to share. I've been invited by Miss Kim to send a postcard weekly (YES, WEEKLY ... something of interest to me, her etc.) and I've taken the challenge!! So your input on interesting postcards, creative ones to possibly make would be ever so joyfully received. I've sent 2 and received 2! and YES it's the second week of 2012! Wondering what I might do with all of them at the end of this new year 2012. Happy 12 ... would love to hear from any of you ~ possibly a comment or two? and your prayers ~ for God to lead, and protect and to guide and for me to be obedient in this journey of life.

All because of Christ, m

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