Thursday, January 21, 2010

Q for all of U ...............

who did the rain dance for these storms? wow .... the rains cometh and cometh and cometh!! I'd tell you all that I'm sugar and I'm melting but that sounds a little like the wicked witch of the west! KWIM?!! It's been interesting to say the least ... maybe this IS what winter is like in the Valley?! have a great day, m

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natalie said...

I heard that this was an ElNino year and the last time I remember an ElNino year I was living in San Diego (the winter of 94-95) and I was pregnant with Josh at the time and driving to Orange County for work every day (72 miles one way) and it rained and rained and RAINED like CRAZY that I had to call in SEVERAL days because I truly couldn't make it to work with the traffic!!

Hang in there! Just think how GREEN everything will be when it is all over! :) Stay safe out there!!!