Monday, January 11, 2010

friday's aftermath

THIS is what the house looked like after the truck was unloaded!!! oy via ... so, much to do ... where to begin! I actually forgot I owned somethings like furniture! and what a yardsale I'm gonna have this Spring!!
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Jann said...

WHOA girlfriend!
Boxes boxes boxes.....ut you got rid of all you didn't need and now everything has a place right...LOL Yeah sure...(wink)
I wish you the best....unpacking those babies....have a break now and then and drink some fine wine and you tap your ruby slippers together...."Oh Auntie Emm...there's no place like home"
Happy unpacking doll....

Jann said...


I even have a "toto" and these slippers are just about blinged out from me doing that for the past 4 years....LOL