Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trick or Treat ...


sadly enough, I haven't made any costumes, no decorations, and I'm contemplating making supper reservations on Saturday night. Trick or Treat .... has got to be for the kiddos! I do see a party in my future Halloweens and I'll probably collect canned items for the Food Pantry ... but not this year! Another thing, if my mother put me in this costume ... I'd be frightened what my girlfriends would have done to me!!! enjoy the weekend. Happy haunting! m
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natalie said...

Halloween used to be my favorite holiday...I would make my own recipe parents would come over and help get the kids ready to go TOT. This year, sadly, I'm absolutely dreading it!!! I even suggested the kids ring our doorbell instead and I will give them the candy I bought!!! Yeah, they didn't think that was such a good idea! LOL. Maybe next year I will feel more in the Halloween spirit!