Thursday, October 15, 2009

B O O T S .... all shapes and sizes!!

and colors too. What does a man do when he's new to town .... he goes looking for a new pair of boots. Let me tell you ... all shapes, all sizes, all colors & all kinds of materials. Being logical .. a man needs a utility pair (cheap!) and Sunday-going-to-meetin' pair and a pair to wear OUT TO IMPRESS! what?!!! $$$$$ so he just looked, tried on and said 'thank you, kindly!' Do you own BOOTS? what kind? dare to share the size? do you have a 'dream' pair of boots?? talk later! m
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Kim Ross said...

I'm totally bootless, Michelle, but these pictures are great! :) Was D out boot shoppin'?

natalie said...

I have wanted a pair of boots since I moved to Boise so I'm determined now in PA to get me a pair of cool, comfy, wear-with-anything boots!!! :)

P.S. How was your trip to Southern Cal AND Boise?!?! :)