Thursday, October 1, 2009

CONTENTMENT ... what is it?

I have a story for all of you ... but a Q first for all of U: what level is your contentment????? be honest!!! Every third Thursday I head to my recycling place, to say 'Ola' to my new friends (Tavo & Gregoio) and catchup with their lives. Well, Wednesdays is trash pickup in my neighborhood. For some reason I was awoken (only by the Good Lord Himself b/c I never awaken at 5AMish) to witness this .... a woman (older than me) was searching for bottles, plastics, and glass. She must visit the recycling place too! However, I watched her face ... when she 'captured' a 'treasure' she smiled and was PROUD of herself. WOW, imagine being excited ~ even content with your AM's work/duties. I'm sure she was doing this to survive! I wondered if she had a family. I thought to myself: how do I go and give her all my cans/plastic/glass to help her. I couldn't answer my own Q ..... ARE YOU CONTENT with your life? with your duties? with your self? with the treasures YOU capture each day??? I know that I know that I know we are given treasures daily ... WORDS from God (Donie that's for you girlfriend) .. we ought to share these more often!!!! so here's my challenge ~~~ enjoy life, be CONTENT with whatever TODAY brings!! Have a great weekend for darlin' D and I are off to Anaheim!! love always, m

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FrenchGardenHouse said...

Michelle, thank you so much for visiting my blog today. I love this post, and as usual, it comes on just the RIGHT day! God is always so good.
xo Lidy