Saturday, June 13, 2009

we are FAMILY ... I got all my sista's with me!

this is to INFORM YOU ALL I HAVE NOT LOST MY MARBLES .... oh how I love marbles, they are next to my bubbles you know!! (here's a story just for all of YOU ~ enjoy! )
I was walking thru a cemetary (just recently) I actually enjoy this (and some of YOU will not do this with me ~ hey, I understand) and I enjoy it by myself even (it's a God thingy you know!), and I saw the most beautiful name = Cinderella Michelle. Not always have I loved my name, Michelle (long story - not interesting!) ... and I thought to myself I kinda like that name Cinderella (don't say Cindy ... the nickname would have to be ella) ... don't you just swoon when you hear that song by ella St. james (go over to my blog it's playin') .... ALL OF THIS TO SAY .... if I could name myself I'd be Cinderella Michelle Reader. Imagine going to a party with me ... and yes, this is my beloved girlfriend, Cinderella! Oh she doesn't have a wicked step momma, just a southern belle momma ... and she doesn't have any evil step sisters, just 'sista's of anotha' mother' . And she did marry Prince Charming, although sometimes living in Fairyland ain't what it used to be! Speaking of Fairyland yet another relocation for us!! to S. California ... home of the nuts, berries (SunMaid raisins) and who knows what else.
And they lived happily ever after!!!!! ta-ta my dear friends. psst ~~> I've had some very difficult days and wanted to raise my spirits so that's why I wrote this in an email to all my girlfriends literally from Coast to Coast! love you all tons!! When one is packing to move, such memories flood the mind and heart!

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natalie said...

I love walking through cemeteries too!!! LOL. They are just peaceful and quiet and I LOVE reading tombstones...