Saturday, June 13, 2009

Good Goods & Co. ~~ Boise, ID

no matter where I live (or YOU live) there should ALWAYS BE THAT boutique that you can escape into, shop for great goodies and just breathe a little deeper and slower. IF YOU EVER VISIT BOISE, IDAHO then go visit cheri at Good Goods & Co. it's the bestest darling boutique around! tell her I sent you. I hate to be leaving such a gem, so you all take up the slack for me ...go shop and enjoy it!! BTW, she's having her 3rd year celebration next Saturday from 11-5PM ~ this is a must do!! The boutique ~ ... delightful objects to live with is located at 5865 glenwood avenue, boise ID 83714 (208) 377.3027 trust me, YOU will find something (a trinket, an antique, uncommon gifts too!)
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Kim Ross said...

...but Michelle, we're all going to be at your yard sale next Saturday, aren't we? :)