Wednesday, June 17, 2009

household REPAIRS ... true story!!

this is too bizarre NOT to be true!! okay, my cooktop (glass) is cracked! not cracked all the way through just surface level. However, with the relocation I am having to get all the repairs done NOW! So, I called Jenn-Air and it took 8 days to get the part and another day to get someone out here to install it. F & D = fine and dandy. Noel, the service repairman, comes delightful as he is ... goes to replace the broken cooktop .... AND YOU WON'T EVER BELIEVE WHAT WE DISCOVERED WITH THE NEW COOKTOP ... broken out of the box in the EXACT SAME SPOT AS THE ONE IN MY KITCHEN. Go figure ... so another week, if I'm lucky ~~~ comin' down to the wire .. I'm bonked out around here and exhausted. I have a pic even to see the damage! What won't I take a photo of??????? xoxoxo, m

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natalie said...

When are you guys moving?