Wednesday, February 25, 2009

B U B B L E S ...

quick (and true) story. I love bubbles!! really!!! they are cheap (Dollar Store has the best quality) and relaxing (who doesn't love to blow bubbles) and you can get creative with this activity. And when life hands you troubles, BLOW BUBBLES. So, here's my story ... I substitute at all grade levels .... even the high schoolers love blowing bubbles. I give it to them as a quiet activity. Some of the teachers don't like the students to talk, so as an outlet to allow them movement and activity WITHOUT talking .. I set up a station out of the way with the bubbles and paper towels for quick clean up. You know it's kinda fun, and honestly it blesses my heart to see these students. And FYI, the males enjoy this activity more than the females (fascinating to me .. shocked my socks off!) have a great day, m

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