Sunday, January 18, 2009

H A N D S ... what are they saying?

I hope this photo comes through .. it speaks volumes to me! hands what do they say? what do they do? Whose holding your hand? Whose hand are you holding? What can your hands do? What should they be doing? What do you want them to do? I have often been caught saying "helping hands," and I say this out of love ... to serve! ALL OF YOU have been my helping hands, whether in Lesotho or here in Meridian IDAHO or in St. Louis ~~ you all helped me get to S. Africa, for without YOU ... I couldn't have done this trip. Thank you seems so small .... humbly and with a grateful heart I so thank you for the blessings, miracles, blankets, and all the work that was accomplished on your behalf and supporting teamAFRICA. Hope you have a great week. love, m

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