Friday, January 23, 2009

all in a days work ~~~> play

It's all about the children. These two handsome guys are the Youth for Christ interns. Full loving, funny, very informative and a huge heart for the Lord ~ Richard and Kent. They are from Johannsburg... joyfully they worked with us and put up with us Americans for the entire trip. They built my team a puppet stage; most materials were donated ~ so the entire cost was $1.00 USD. Singing, playing, being creative, a whole lot of learning went on. The chldren were so eager to teach us their language, and had too much fun as we made our linguistic errors! The woman sitting on the blanket working next to Charity is Me' Neo, she is 57 years old, and is in charge of raising 27 children. This is her family. The last photo is where they have been living. We were able to complete a cinder block facility which is HUGE, painted beautifully, two outhouses, one large well .. and they will have security for this facility. I haven't heard when they will be moving in ... I'm hoping soon. It's all about the children. Oh, and the beds!! they have bunk beds!! made out of wood. How exciting. For all of you that purchased Entertainment Books ..... thank you! Everything that needed to be purchased ~ got purchased. And they are so humbly thankful. The Lesotho people (Basotho's) are joyful and very loving. Have a great day.

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