Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Reading ...

Oh how this tugs at my heart … I have a short testimony on this SUBJECT.  See, I didn't learn to read until 4th grade (yep, you read that right ~ 4th grade, 10  years old).  Educators would ask me, "Would you like to learn to read today or play?" Me: is that a trick question??? I'll go play be back later!! So … I slipped through! A public school teacher in San Antonio TX on Lackland AFB discovered my secret. And, she said she would meet with me before and after school, to teach me the hardest book ever! Wait, why would I wanna do that? She backed up and told me but it was also the easiest book too.  IT was the King James Bible.  Well, I was intrigued … and agreed, but first WE (her and me) had to tell my folks.  I cautioned her, as they would NOT believe her as I 'read' to them nightly!! I would memorize whatever book my friend read to me that day at lunchtime.

FAST FORWARD: God had a man in mind for me with the last name 'Reader'. Seriously!! Isn't God just too funny?! and able to give me a quick testimony to His greatness.

Reading … I'm a voracious reader!! but this isn't about me!! Little one (she's 5.5 years old) and is reading!! E V E R Y T H I N G!! She grabbed my book ~ she informed me that the words in my book were way smaller than in her lovely books.  To read!! Read and read and read.
Q for U: what are you currently reading?

Enjoy and happy first day of S U M M E R!!

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