Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Hello blogworld!! NO, I haven't forgotten YOU, YOU've always been in my brain & deeper in my heart. So …. I need education as to how to amp up and update my blog.  The name, the vision, the reason etc.  And this last year has been a deep recovery year for me personally! With that in mind, my heart's desire is to write and talk and even unpack food addiction (living it out & recovery), going from Grandma to mamo (pronounced Ma Moo ~ as the sound a cow would make!) … and living in SW FL commonly referred to as paradise.  How to begin & start … where and how do I access my photos? Do I change servers …. HELP!!! All of you, anyone out there ADVISE needed!! With that … my hope is to start up AGAIN, either August or September.  In the meantime, my heart is over full with the gratitude that God graces me with DAILY!! As in dailyness … so addicted to His grace and wanting to do LIFE with all of you.

Until I get the education I need … radio silence will continue ~ but never over & out!!

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