Monday, April 22, 2013

routines .. we all have them for EVERYTHING ~ or at least we should

Routines .. for work, for the weekend, for personal things ... for EVERYTHING!! I personally like to brush my teeth before getting into the shower. Why? I dunno know .. just because. I shave my legs EVERY DAY (included that info for Jillien). Why? I dunno know. Studies show that we thrive with routine. It makes us more productive, more organized, more everything. And routines, change. As we age, as we add members into our families, as we move into different apartments, homes etc. What routines do you have? What routines do you want to have? What do you think about routines? and what are some of your more 'successful' ones?  I personally have a to do list DAILY. If it doesn't get done today, it goes onto tomorrow's ToDo. Well, it's Monday .. and I'm off to begin my routines. Happy week everyone ...

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