Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Prayer ...

I've been praying like I always do ... and yet, there's more! My heart is heavy and aching ... and I pray because there is more! I'm 'happy' to see baby girl grow and what I've learned from her in just 13 days ... and I pray. Decided to study a bit more on prayer ~ and here are just a few things I've embedded into my heart. Grace of tears (Job 16:20), listening with the heart to the Holy within (can you hear it?!), God's power to forgive is greater than my power to sin, we are called to life transforming obedience, covering in prayer, sealing ourselves with the Cross of Christ. There is just sooooooo much! Prayer ... keep it simple and short ~ but don't be afraid to be real and honest before your God! To be done individually and corporately .. with joy & love! To pray ... have you today?
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