Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MAIL ... you got mail!!

what came in the mail for you today…
Living in CA I don't have a personal house mailbox ~ never ever really thought about it. I LOVE THEM and now, I don't have one. YES! I have a mailbox (need my address?!!) it's a carousel box ~ you know where I walk down the street, secretly hoping my neighbors will be there at the exact time I do so we can say "hi". Sadly, I can't get the rhythm of my neighbors (I used to know when my neighbors would go out front and retrieve their mail and coincidently I'd do the same ...Hhhmmm ~ doing LIFE together!) Anywho ... I miss that however, WHAT CAME IN THE MAIL FOR YOU TODAY?
DIL, T got an important document ~ I received a card from a beloved Friend O'mine telling me she loved me!!! Be still my heart .. just what I needed! Thank you Friend O' mine!

And ... with the upcoming "Showering of Tosha" (beloved DIL) there will be packages arriving. Some have already come ~ Ooooooh too much excitement and anticipation .. and I love it!! Shower is Sunday so I am busy as a bee, buzzing around town!! KWIM??
Pkgs. ~ different sizes, differet shapes .. different reasons
But every day, everywhere — all our days these holy-days, God always sending package after package of grace…

His amazing grace ... of which I am so undeserving and yet, He gives me grace DAILY.
What about you? G R A C E = God's Riches At Christs' Expense? Do you know He sooo completelty and totally loves YOU, yes! you!!
Grace ... receive it, open it, get excited about it ... find it ~ search for it! Celebrate it.


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Anonymous said...

You are so awesome at "doing life together"... you are making impacts to more lives than you will ever know!