Monday, December 27, 2010

a NEW decade ....

the final week of 20 ten...   I can't believe that Christmas is over... darlin' D mentioned it was the END of a decade which made me think it's the beginning of a NEW decade!! ... i was going to blog... went to the eye doctor with darlin' D and out to breakfast (my favO'rite) and then noticed that Hobby Lobby was OPEN today!!! This is totally exciting because it is the FIRST ONE IN CALIFORNIA ~  got some goodies!! O' course ... decided to drop off my recycleables!! and began thinking about 20 eleven (2011) ... to live by a word ~ just one word.  What WORD would you choose for 2011?  I'm still thinking, but will have MY WORD before Jan. 1!! and upon that day I will eat ham, cornbread and beans as I have done since I was knee-hi to a grasshopper!! Christmas was relaxing, reflective and totally enjoyable!!
celebrating my Savior's birth  (Isaiah 9:6) ... it was a lovely weekend... i hope you spent your holiday with the ones you love... because certainly that's what LIFE is all about ~ relationships ~ Jesus came for relationship with YOU!!  Our life group volunteered and served with JOY to the Warehouse Community in Visalia ... Today i am getting back on track ever sooooooo slowly ~ what about YOU?  ...
I have decided on a few G O A L S for 20 eleven = get healthy!! re-do all my recipes!! and organize 3 states worth of addresses in my rolodex!! more to come ..... and of course, to scrapbook as much as I can (anyone wanna get together and scrap????) ...caught up on some e-mail... still have to return 2 items ... began packing away the decorations until next year ... and today i am thinking about 20 eleven...  WoW really?  YES, really ... because I will turn 50 years old in March .... i have been
questioning what will be my "one little word" ????   i thought i had it... but now i waiver...  hmmm this week i am going to put some time & a LOT more effort into it...some 20 ten it was HOME...  the word has served me well... as darlin' D & me moved into our new HOME in Visalia CA!!  i have used it and thought of it and have been inspired by it a million times... it will be a hard word to let go of ... however, I always teach and say "go & grow" ~ and I have!!

i hope you have a great New Year's ... and reflect upon the newness of this year to be ...
enjoy your day!! xoxo, m


Anonymous said...

My word is JOY. God has really been bringing that to mind often lately. I will be using Project Life by Becky Higgins to take a picture a day and journal about my Joyful Journey in 2011

First year I am doing this-hope I can keep it up!

Blessings to you in 2011,
Kim Thorne

Anonymous said...

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Love you big,

Anonymous said...

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