Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day .... Thank YOU all

I am proud to be an AF brat! Many of us are!! it's just the way we are ... and the way we were brought up! Such memories ... what a life ~ a different life! And what an honor we all have from all the men and women who have served, are serving and will continue to serve our Nation.  Thank you seems to small ... so many of us pray for you, your family and your safety.

Father God, thank you for the sacrifice of so many for the safety of our country. May we continue to honor our veterans and their service for many years to come, and never let them be forgotten. Amen.”

I miss living by the AF base ... only b/c I often saw the hand of God in the sky (long story!) and I wish I could do something anonymously to bless some soldier TODAY!

And to my dearest dad, Wm. D. Ray ~ you risked your life for our Nation ... you made a difference ... thank you for all those years served.  Thank you for the life I had growing up ~ my dad retired from the USAF a Colonel.  Well done ....

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Lisa said...

NICE TRIBUTE MIchelle! I couldn't have said it better!