Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday BRUNCH ... with the family!!!

It's NOT often ...we all gather for Sunday Brunch!! But TODAY .. all 4 generations ~ Papa, Mimi, Grandie, darlin' D & me ~ of course, da boys too!! Ryan and Paul eatin' something good!!! Happy Sunday!! love, m

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Lisa said...

LOVED SEEING THE FAMILY! Sounds like a WONDERFUL MORNING! I'm expecting to arrive in Visalia around 3:30 pm at the Visalia Airport on Friday. Do you want to just pick me up & then go somewhere local? I could then tell my son to pick me up from wherever we go chit chat.

My email is badals at pacbell dot net. Also my ph no is our area code 593 0883 if you need to text or call me. If something comes up don't worry about it. I know how life sort of does its own thing! LOL Take care. I need to book my flight now.