Thursday, April 15, 2010

KeKe .... KISS FM 103.3 BOISE Idaho

THURSDAY 4/15 - Hearts Aglow for Child Abuse Prevention Candlelight Vigil

The amazing listeners and supporters in our community have come together to plan a candlelight vigil here at KISS studios Thursday evening. This is a rally totally thought of and planned by the community and we as a KISS family couldn't be more touched to see the message spread that we will not tolerate child abuse any longer. Below are details and an excerpt from the Facebook posting about the community rally. Thank you all for your support and we're looking forward to seeing you all Thursday evening.

This is a unique event for a community to come together to show support for survivors, encourage others to speak up, and stand up and tell the world we will not tolerate this abuse anymore.

This is an event you do not want to miss. Bring your candles, wear blue to support the prevention of child abuse and/or wear green in remembrance of little Robert Manwill. Read more at

Candlelight Vigil
8pm @ Peak Broadcasting Studios - 827 E. Park Blvd, Boise

Please park in the large lot to the west of our building
Everyone is encouraged to bring your own candles.
Bring friends, family, anyone and everyone is invited ....... being back in the area I had to put this out there ...... ABUSE must stop! and BTW, this DJer is trying to stay awake for 8 days in order to raise awareness to this issue ......... God bless KeKe

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