Thursday, November 19, 2009

going to the movies .....

okay I know it's Thursday ... but tomorrow we are going to the movies to see "The Blind Side" = the new football movie with Sandra Bullock ~ I love true stories and this looks like it will be awesome. Plus, I enjoy Sandra Bullock as an actress! I can watch "Remember the Titans" over and over ... even "We are Marshall" . What are your weekend plans?????? The house projects is delayed - so that means we are waiting for tile!!

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natalie said...

We have Harrison's basketball game on Saturday and I am hoping to go and take some outdoor shots of the kids because it is supposed to be a really nice weekend...then, on Sunday we are going to go and watch the high school play that my oldest is their "student photographer" as well as assistant to the light tech.

I love Sandra Bullock's movies too! She is one of my favorites! We recently saw The Proposal...did you see that one? Very funny movie!

Hopefully that tile delay won't set you back too far! :)

Have a good weekend!