Friday, April 3, 2009

Miss Sue ... Happy Bday to YOU

New York Deli located on Overland Road in Meridian is an AWESOME place to grab a great sandwich and get together with girlfriends. And that's exactly what I did with Miss Sue!! Happy Birthday to YOU dear friend. She is a coffeeaholic! I once traveled with her and she actually has a travelling latte machine!! truly!! So, I created her a little care package with a Starbucks theme ... had too much fun making this, so ... I'm making a bunch of them!! Let me know if you'd like one!! have a great day. Oh and BTW, it is OFFICIALLY Springtime .. and it was a snowin' today!!!
xoxo, m
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Jann said...

Don't know you "Miss Sue" but happy birthday! Everyone deserves a good one now and again...and to you Michi R! Way cute idea for a gift...:o)
Congratulations to DOUG!!!!! way to go scholar boy!