Sunday, April 19, 2009

creatively speaking!!

Paul and his buddies love FRUIT LOOPS. We play the 'guess what last color loop I have!" in my bowl!! So, I saw this idea in Simply Handmade APR/MAY edition and loved it ... loved it soooo soooo much that I had to make one quickly. Paul scooped it immediately!! And I "won" a goodies box ~ an entire box FULL OF WONDERFUL creatively speaking things ... from Lori Renn's blog. YOU MUST CHECK IT OUT ~~~> She is a published author, 'wicked' creative and a great cook too. YOU MUST CHECK IT OUT!! and let me know what you decide. Make sure you say hello to Lori and tell her I sent you! So, I've only had minutes to putts and play creatively speaking ... and came up with a few simple pages. Lori has often told me "without CHANGE there would be no butterflies." This has spoken volumes to me!! have a great week. love, m
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