Thursday, December 4, 2008

the latest! health issues

dearest ones, I hate to whine! and yet, I am in need of prayers. Not only am I, but doug and paul, sick and are fighting this. Went to the doctors on monday, she prescribed leviquinn (sp?), both ears are infected and "angry" as she stated, bed rest, fluids and more rest. I am doing all of the above, and yet not getting a whole lot better. THIS IS WHERE I NEED YOU ALL ... prayers for quick recovery, that my ears will completely clear and that all nasal congestion will stop and my body will build up a healthy immune system so that I can travel Dec. 28th.
Thank you!!! all and happy December to everyone!

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tulip said...


I do hope you are feeling better. I met you at the CHEER meeting in September and love reading your blog when I get the chance. Prayers for health and safe journey for you and your team and blessings on all those sweet children you will be seeing in Lesotho!

In Christ,