Thursday, October 9, 2008

frost on my green grass!! this AM

well don't ya just know .... those weathermen were right ~ frosted ... that means it did drop to freeeeeeeeeezing last night. 32 degrees. well, that's okay ... as if I could control it. I had this thought ... of course, I do that daily .... what do you do for ME TIME? we have this cute darlin' coffee shop named Me Time in Meridian, Idaho and I enjoy popping in there ocassionally. DEFINE your ME TIME please !!!!
xoxoxo, m


Anonymous said... time....that is when I go through old photo's of my daughter and wish that time had not passed quite so quickly. I miss her baby smells....her giggling...her tremendously huge and everlasting hugs...her asking me time and time again to read her a story or play with her a video game. Remembering the funny things she used to say and how she loved being all dressed up for school.
Thats my "me time"......remembering when there was a little tiny hand held in was simple and I got to be with her everyday....:o)
I love doing just that...remembering....:o)

LoRi said...

did ya see the little flurries yesterday? crazy.
go sox!!!!!!!!