Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Darrin C. Ray ..... baby brother

Darrin is my beloved baby brother by 10 years. And life has NOT always been easy for this precious child. From birth, he had a cleft pallatte and hair lip .... yet God had a plan. He's 6'5 inches and you can't really see his scars etc. and he's developing his education to "teach" for God. (going to seminary in California) And he has a soulmate of a bride, Carri .... and a beautiful darlin girl, Carrmin. Carrmin's name comes from a combination of my brothers name and his wifes name ~~ kinda clever. AnyWHO ..... he was in a horrific accident 2 years ago in August. Just awful .... ugly awful (get my drift!). Well, there has to be a re-trial. Uuughh! and that's hard enough. However, his body is NOT healing as the doctors would like ... and there are 3 options (none are really "good") ... it maybe that he may have to have his leg amputated below the knee. I would be so bold to implore you to get on your knees and ask God for His way and will. I know that Darrin will accept lovingly whatever God gives him.

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