Tuesday, September 6, 2011

when you need peace …
So ends come, and beginnings too.

They always come together those two —like friends trusting each other.

The summer that was, it ends, slips behind us, and we’ll all begin yet another chapter of LIFE. New roles, titles and resposibilities for all of us. To love LIFE and all it brings for it truly is a gift from God. Do you know how much God loves you?? (psst. ~ sometimes I forget too!)

Something ends and something begins and I’m anticipating it soooo much! New blessings, new challenges, more things to pray with you about!! And I’m thankful for what’s behind, for I have never travelled this road that lies ahead of us.

But I keep pondering this, me on an axis of my own: Christ wins.

Roads can twist and what untwists me is just that: Christ wins.

I can fall and all hope can fall and the day can get extremely hard and in this is a startling fallen world — but what can negate peace when I know Christ wins?

This doesn’t mean I’m negligent and don’t commit – it just means I already know Who conquerors.

It means I know that the ultimate truth is, that no matter what is ultimately the problem, Christ ultimately wins.

It means I can risk and I can hold on and let go and I can say yes to God — Christ wins. All is grace because all can transfigure.

Christ wastes nothing and He repurposes pain for His purposes and He’ll use up all of creation for His glory.

We could and can laugh unafraid, you and I. Walk right out to the end of a limb. We could and can trust — us - believing. Do you know how much God loves you?

No, you and I have never been down this road before, this new one we’re just beginning — but maybe we know exactly where it leads? Are we really going to be grandma's? We can sit and blow bubbles and be the greatest grandma's there are!! k??

We have time to sing (and teach) and just be — Christ wins.

thinking of you dear friend, BB and your new arrival soon ~ blessings!!

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