Thursday, April 21, 2011

Words ....


I love words. Always have. They are powerful, important, influential, endearing, instructive, inspiring and tender. But like a kaleidoscpe when the cylinder is spun in the shadows and we see a dark and different design, so, too, words have the tainted potential to be devastating, defeating, derogatory, discriminating, demeaning and divisive. The Bible tells us that words can give life or kill.

Look at this Proverb:
He who has knowledge spares his words. Proverbs 17:27a

This proverb doesn’t say knowledge is silent but rather suggests that knowledge is into selectivity and brevity. This brings to mind a picture of an old man leaning on the steady cane of knowledge; attached to his belt is a small purse. Inside that purse resides his carefully chosen words for the day. He has counted them out, and he holds them close until needed. Note the contrast in size and purpose between the cane and the purse.

I know from experience that the longer I talk, the more likely I am to regret something I say. Hmmmm. Maybe that’s what this verse is about. What words do you 'LOVE' to use, hear and/or repeat over & over?

Talking much?? Often ... Guilty!
ALL THAT TO EXPLAIN TOMORROW ... Good Friday ~ God's Friday
It has always been a somber, quiet day for me. I go no where, I use very little electricity, I reflect ALL Christ did for me, and I speak very little. I have never understood the vow of silence (wonder why?), so I guess this is the closest I can get. Does this make any sense? It does for me .... Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday! XoxoxO, m

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