Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring SNOW brings ..... ?

yep, this is what we woke up to! last week we had a 70 degrees day and I began planning my planting, considering what I needed for the garden etc. And today, Friday .... Spring SNOW brings confused (Spring) birds ~ robins. Look at them! they are confused .... looking for warmth, food and a place to sing! When the boys were little, we had a tradition to begin considering spring. All of us had to be together as a family (often this was the point!) and we all had to see at least one (just one I tell you!) Spring bird .. the glorious Robin. My great grandmother, Bertha Allen, wrote a wonderful poem about the Easter Robin assisting Christ at the Cross. So, this AM ... I thought about the Robin. have a great weekend. m
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Jann said...

Now know just how I feel...except we got about 2 inches...ARG MATIE!!!!!!!!!....LOL but we have seen no Robin's....ours are still "hybernating"...LOL
Good to hear from you....miss ya...see you next week?
Huggers for your chilly mugger.....LOL

noexcuses said...

Hi Michelle! It's been a little crazy here, too! It was 82 degrees today, with rain coming tomorrow and Sunday. It's going to cool down again next week. What is up?

I love what you've done with your blog! You have always been so of many gifts given to you by God.

Take care.